Your budget and costs

  • AdWords Express allows you to set a daily budget for your ads, with the flexibility to change it at any time.
  • You’ll want to choose a budget based on your advertising goals and the general amount you're comfortable spending each day.

How much AdWords Express costs

You'll pay only for clicks or calls from your AdWords Express ads. Click prices (also known as cost per click) are dynamic, which means they'll change from instance to instance.

The cost of each click depends on several factors, including:

  • How much competiting advertisers in your area are spending
  • How relevant your ad is to a person's Google search
  • How likely a person's search will result in a sale

AdWords Express has no activation fee. There may be a minimum transaction amount when you make a manual payment ($10 in the U.S.).

Your daily budget

It's important to choose a budget that you're comfortable with. AdWords Express will use that budget to help you get the most high-quality clicks possible.

With AdWords Express, you set an average daily budget, which we’ll multiply by the number of days in the month to come up with your maximum monthly budget:

  • Average daily budget X Number of days in the month = Maximum monthly budget

Your daily budget is an average, which means that the amount that your account spends each day can vary. This is because the popularity of your ad may change on any given day. But, don’t worry -- the total amount that you spend in a month won't exceed your maximum monthly budget.

Recommended budgets

When you create your AdWords Express ad, we’ll recommend average daily budgets based on the average click volume for your business type and your location. But of course, you can always specify your own average daily budget. You can also try the AdWords Express budgeting tool to see recommended budgets for your location and the type of product or service your business offers.

Budgeting for multiple ads and locations

Here are a few things to keep in mind when setting your budget for multiple ads or locations:

Multiple ads

If you decide to run multiple ads for your business, each ad has its own budget. Together, the budget for each ad will add up to your total AdWords Express budget.


Jack owns a musical instrument store and decides he wants to advertise both the piano and the guitar departments. He creates a piano ad with a $30 daily budget and a guitar adwith a $20 daily budget. Assuming his budgets don’t change, Jack's total average daily budget will be up to $50 ($30 + $20).

Multiple locations

If you are advertising multiple businesses or business locations on AdWords Express, you'll set a separate budget for each ad that you create.


Sarah owns three pet stores in Oklahoma. She creates separate ads for each store, each with an average daily budget of $30. Assuming her budgets don’t change, Sarah’s total average daily budget will be up to $90 (3 X $30).

Payment settings and forms of payment
  • How you pay: With AdWords Express, you can make payments before your ads show (manual payments) or automatically make payments after your ads show (automatic payments). These are known as payment settings.
  • What you pay with: This is what you use to pay your costs, such as a credit card, and is known as a form of payment. Some forms of payments are only available in certain countries, so you might see different options depending on where your business is located.