Using AdWords Express with AdWords

We recommend using just one advertising product at a time, but if you want to use both AdWords Express and AdWords, we’ll discuss how they work together and how you’ll be billed.

If you decide to use AdWords and AdWords Express together, you’ll want to keep the following in mind when managing your ads and accounts:

  • AdWords Express ads can be managed only in your AdWords Express account.
    Any changes, including adding, editing, or deactivating ads can only be done through your AdWords Express account. If you sign into AdWords, we’ll show an alert that directs you to your AdWords Express account to manage your AdWords Express ads.
  • You can sign into AdWords using the same login email as your AdWords Express account (even if you don’t have any AdWords campaigns).
    However, as mentioned, you won’t be able to see or manage your AdWords Express ads in AdWords.
  • Shared information, such as billing, can be seen in both the AdWords and AdWords Express accounts.

How AdWords Express and AdWords interact

If you decide you’d still like to use both AdWords Express and AdWords, we’ve included some info below to help you understand how the two products interact.

Ad auction

If you advertise on both AdWords and AdWords Express, ads from both AdWords and AdWords Express will be eligible to appear on Google for the same search query, and could compete in the same ad auction. Only one ad from either your AdWords or AdWords Express account can appear for a search query. Learn more about the AdWords auction.


In AdWords Express, you’ll set up a separate budget. If you use the same login email for both AdWords and AdWords Express, though, you’re required to use the same credit card to pay for both advertising products. Your AdWords Express charges will be bundled together with your AdWords charges on your credit card statement. However, you can see your AdWords Express costs separately by viewing your AdWords Express dashboard.

If you would like your advertising costs to be charged to separate credit cards, you’ll need to use different login email addresses for your AdWords Express and AdWords accounts.

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