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Advanced search enables you to search an account for items that match the criteria that you specify. 

Apply filters to narrow your search

Click the search menu icon Search and select the filter from the drop-down menu that you’d like to apply. You can limit your results to a variety of elements such as campaign type or bid strategy, parent fields such as ad group status, new items, edited items, items with errors, and more. The account tree and type list in the left sidebar can also be filtered to show specific kinds of campaigns, ad groups, and types.

Save a search so you can use it again

After entering a search, click the save icon Save Icon and enter a name for your saved search. To use your saved search, click the search menu icon Search  and select the name of your search.

Use search shortcuts

You can enter a search and use text shortcuts to quickly search across a selected type. For example, you can use the search keyword:pizza to find all keywords with the term "pizza". See the full list of search shortcuts.

Search by image

Find ads using the same image by selecting an ad or image and then choosing Tools and then Show ads with selected images...

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