Advanced search

Advanced search enables you to search an account for items that match the criteria that you specify. You can also use advanced search to find and edit or remove poorly performing keywords.

AdWords Editor 11.0+
  • Build complex searches
    Click the search menu icon Advanced search > Search builder, select the criteria for your search, then click the search button. You can repeat these steps to add more than one criteria from the search builder.
  • Apply filters to narrow your search
    Click the search menu icon Advanced search > View filters and select the filter you’d like to apply. You can limit your results to new items, edited items, items with errors, and more.
  • Save a search so you can use it again
    After entering a search, click the search menu icon Advanced search > Saved searches > Save current search as… and enter a name for your saved search. To use your saved search, click the search menu icon Advanced search > Saved searches and select the name of your search.
  • Use search shortcuts
    You can enter a search and use text shortcuts to quickly search across a selected type. For example, you can use the search keyword:pizza to find all keywords with the term "pizza".
AdWords Editor 10.6 and earlier
  1. Click Advanced search next to the search box above the data view.
  2. Under "Search in these places," select the part of the account that you want to search.
  3. Specify your search criteria:
    • Settings: Search for any of a variety of settings, such as ad text, maximum CPC bids, or first page bid estimates. Click the 'Add' link to add more restrictions to your search.
    • Match type: Select at least one checkbox, even if you're not searching for keywords. To exclude keywords with a particular match type, clear the appropriate box.
    • Status: Select at least one status. To exclude items with a particular status from your search, clear the appropriate box.
    • Performance statistics: Use the drop-down menus to specify cost and performance criteria. Before using these options, be sure you've downloaded performance statistics. As with Settings, you can click Add to add more restrictions to your search.
    • Optional: Select Save this search for reuse and enter a name for your saved search. This saved search now appears in the View menu under Saved custom views. You can select this search name to view items in the account that match the criteria you specified. AdWords Editor stores up to eight searches.
  4. Click Search. The contents of each tab are filtered according to your search. To clear the search and view all items in your account, select View > All.

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