About filter functions

With functions, you can use powerful queries that combine filters in new ways to find highly specific items in your Google Ads account.

There are 8 functions, which can be found by clicking on the "filter" icon in the advanced search box and scrolling to the "Function" section, or by typing the function name in the search box and selecting the function.

What's changed: Filter by contained items

Previously, filters could only inspect values directly on the items being filtered. Functions allow for queries on items contained in the item you're filtering. You can show campaigns if they have less than a certain number of keywords, for instance, or only show keywords whose owning ad group meets certain conditions. With functions, you can filter items based on their contained items and whether those contained items meet certain conditions.

Some functions also allow you to more easily control how multiple filters are combined. For example, you can use a function to determine whether at least one condition needs to be met to show an item, or whether all conditions need to be met.

Function descriptions

Function name Description
ALL Use ALL to include items which only contain items that match the filters you select. Learn more
AND Use AND to include items that match all filters you select. Learn more
CONTAINER Use CONTAINER to include items that are owned by containers that match all filters you select. Learn more
COUNT Use COUNT to check the number of contained items. Learn more
EXIST Use EXIST to include items that have at least one contained item. Learn more
NOT Use NOT to include items that don't match all the filters you select. Learn more
NOTEXIST Use NOTEXIST to include items that don't have any contained items. Learn more
OR Use OR to include items that match at least one of the filters you select. Learn more


To see some real-world examples of how functions might be used, see the detailed explanations of various custom rules.

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