Sitelink import settings

When you import sitelinks with a CSV file or the Add/update multiple tool, you might have new sitelinks that differ from existing sitelinks only in their URL fields.

For example, suppose you have several new sitelinks with the same link text as existing sitelinks, but different destination URLs. You might want to edit the URLs of the existing sitelinks (for example, to add tracking codes), or you might want to create new sitelinks with different URLs (for example, to test a different landing page for the same link text).

To specify how AdWords Editor should treat the imported sitelinks, select one of the options below from Tools > Settings (Windows) or AdWords Editor > Preferences (Mac).

On the General tab in the settings dialog, locate the Import menu and choose one of the following options.

When importing sitelinks with different destination URLs:

  • Change existing destination URLs to new URLs (default)
    With this option selected, you can use CSV import or the Add/update multiple tool to edit URLs of existing sitelinks. You cannot create two sitelinks that differ only in URLs using CSV import or the Add/update multiple tool.

  • Create new sitelink if destination URL is different
    Sitelinks that differ only in URLs are considered distinct, so you can use CSV import or Add/update multiple tools to create a new sitelink that differs from an existing sitelink only in the URL field.

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