Plan a Display campaign using the new AdWords experience

In the new AdWords experience, the Display Planner is no longer available as a stand-alone tool. Instead, its features (campaign planning and forecasting), have been incorporated into the campaign creation and targeting options to help you understand how your Display campaigns may perform.

In this article, you’ll learn about the improved planning and forecasting features in the new AdWords experience, and understand how it’ll help you to achieve your goals with less effort.

Benefits of planning and forecasting features in the new AdWords experience

  • You get information right when you need it, there’s no need to switch between AdWords and Display Planner.
  • You get better forecasts, since more ad formats and targeting options are supported.

What’s changing

  • Targeting options: If you’re looking for targeting ideas, the new AdWords experience lets you target by using a word, phrase, or URL within audiences, topics, placements, and keyword targeting methods.
  • Inventory details: If you want to get inventory details, new AdWords experience helps you find your inventory details when creating a new ad group, or a new campaign, and when editing your targeting settings.
  • Performance forecast: If you’re looking for performance forecasts to determine how your campaign may perform, you’ll find them in the campaign creation process using the new AdWords experience.  
  • Finding top placements/suggested managed placements: These features are no longer available in the new Adwords experience, since it’s not considered as a best practice for Display campaigns.

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