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Make seller ratings more likely to show

Seller ratings—an automated extension—showcases advertisers with high ratings and can improve customers' trust in your business. Since it's an automated extension type, you don' t set up seller ratings or control when they show. That said, you can take steps to make seller ratings more likely to show with your Search Network ads.

Basic qualifications

Campaign type. Seller ratings show with Search Network campaigns.

Minimum data. In most cases, seller ratings only show when a business has 150 unique reviews and a composite rating of 3.5 stars or higher.


Follow the following best practices to optimize your seller ratings and reviews.

Be a great business

The best way to improve your ratings is to make sure that your customers receive excellent customer service. Happy customers attract more happy customers, who are willing to rate you well and tell others about your business or products.

Focus on providing an exceptional experience at every touchpoint, including the support you provide via phone, email and chat, the speed and quality of your shipping and delivery, and the ease with which returns can be made. Read the reviews about your business, and be proactive about resolving issues raised by your customers with a result that reasonably satisfies all parties, including you.

Keep your name and website consistent

Sometimes reviews will highlight issues that your business has no direct control over. For example, customers may have a problem with your shipping company or the quality of goods you sold that you did not manufacture. Since seller ratings aggregate ratings from several sources, a few ratings like this should not meaningfully impact your overall ratings.

To help ensure that customers submit ratings to the right businesses, confirm that Google Shopping review sites display the correct business name and website URL for your business listing. Your business name and website URL should be consistent across review sites and should also be consistent with your Google Merchant Center account, if you have one. This helps customers identify the right businesses and helps keep ratings for other businesses from being included within your own seller ratings.

Get reviews

If you don't yet have reviews for your store, or don' t have many reviews, you can reach out to any of the following services:

Service Available countries Description
Google Trusted Stores logo AU, DE, GB, FR, JP, US A certification program which collects post-transaction reviews for participating merchants.

Sign up for free through Google Trusted Stores.

A free program that collects post-purchase reviews on behalf of advertisers.

To get started, go to the Google Customer Reviews onboarding guide.

Evaluation by Google
and / or
Stella Service logo

These programs measure the quality of the shopping experience provided by online retailers.

StellaService is an independent company that measures the quality of your customer service, as well as your shipping and return processes.

Google collects data about selected merchants and the shopping experience they provide.

To request an evaluation of your business, fill out the Google / StellaService statement of interest.

Note that StellaService and/or Google may choose to evaluate the experience of your online business at any time. Once this evaluation is complete, your rating score and eligibility to show ratings on your ads may change. StellaService and/or Google do not proactively notify businesses of our activity.

Get evaluated

Having your online business evaluated can help you understand and optimize your service experience, and can help improve the performance of your online marketing programs. Fill out this statement of interest to let StellaService and Google know that you'd like an evaluation of your business.

Check performance

To see if your ads are showing with seller ratings, and how your ads with seller ratings perform (like the number of clicks or impressions that occurred when they appeared with your ad), review your performance data with the automated extensions report.

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