Finding the Right Mobile App Users: Google Best Practices

Show the best ad for your goal

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Provide AdWords with your best creative assets.

  • Provide clear and concise text for your ads
  • Add an engaging video that shows your app in action
  • Upload simple images in multiple sizes
  • Optimize your creative assets with the Creative Asset Report

Upload your best creative assets (text, images and videos) when creating your Universal App campaign. The campaign will use these assets to build the best ad that will meet your goal.


Provide clear and concise text for your ads

The text will be used in ads that appear in the Google Search Network and Google Display Network.

  • Write standalone sentences or phrases for each line of text. AdWords will automatically mix and match them to create the best ad. 
  • Focus each line on one selling point. Keep it short and sweet.


Add an engaging video that shows your app in action

The video will be used in video ads that appear on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

  • Upload videos 15-30 seconds long. The first 5 seconds need to be attention grabbing. After that, people may choose to skip or dismiss your ad.
  • Include a call-to-action early on. Be clear what you want people to do.
  • Provide landscape (16:9), portrait (2:3) and square aspect (1:1) videos to be eligible for all video ad spots.
  • If you don’t have a video, AdWords can automatically create one for you using parts of your app’s listing page.


Upload simple images in multiple sizes

Your image assets will be used to create ads for the Google Display Network.

  • Use engaging and relevant images taken directly from your app. For example, you can use action shots from your gaming app or product images from your shopping app. 
  • Use simple designs with minimal but accurate text. These ads appear on smaller screens.
  • Include app store badges and your logo to give your ad credibility.
  • Upload the maximum of 20 images to give the campaign more options to create the best possible ad to show each person. If you don’t have enough assets, AdWords can use images from your app’s listing page.
  • Prioritize these image sizes to cover more potential ad placements: 
Type Recommended Dimensions
Landscape Image 1200x628
Portrait Interstitial 320x480
Landscape Interstitial 480x320
Square 300x250
Banner 1 300x50
Banner 2 320x100
Leaderboard 728x90
Tablets  1024x768 and 768x1024



Provide image assets that are twice the pixel density of what’s listed to show higher quality images for your ads. For example, upload an image that’s 640x100 instead of 320x50 so AdWords can serve an upscaled image (higher quality) for the same ad placement.

Optimize your creative assets with the Creative Asset Report

The Creative Asset Report tells you how to optimize your asset mix to help UAC build better and better ads. 

To access the report, just click on Campaigns and then Ad Assets.

How does the report work? UAC uses hundreds of millions of signal combinations to pick one asset over another to create an ad that will best meet your goal. The performance grouping column in the Creative Asset Report will show either “Low”, “Good” or “Best” based on how often UAC picks an asset over another in your campaign. 

Replace those rated as “Low” with assets similar to those rated as “Best” — and avoid removing any assets labeled with “Best,” “Good” or “Learning.”

Use this report to discover which assets work better. By replacing the “Low” performing assets, you’ll improve results over time.


It’s exciting to see new users start to roll in and engage with your app — completing in-app actions and buying things. 

But you can’t stop here. You’ve got to keep all your valuable users coming back for more.

To learn about the next chapter of mobile app’s marketing success, check out our Best Practices Guide on increasing app engagement.



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