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About cross-exchange for Display remarketing campaigns

In addition to running on DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Display Network remarketing campaigns can also run on cross-exchange inventory.


The broader reach of multiple ad exchanges can improve Display Network remarketing performance in the following ways:

  • Greater access to your most valuable audiences across more sites and apps
  • Increased potential conversion volume and return on investment

How it works

All Display Network remarketing campaigns are automatically eligible to show ads on this additional inventory, and there's no need to make any changes. We take steps to ensure that this additional inventory delivers the high quality traffic that you've come to expect from the Google network. To make the most of this additional reach, below are some recommended best practices:

  • Automated bidding: For best performance with remarketing, it's easiest to use automated bidding, such as enhanced cost-per-click, target CPA or target ROAS.
  • Unrestricted budgets: As more exchanges are added, you may see more conversions. Remarketing campaigns with unrestricted budgets get access to additional inventory that matches their targeting.
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