About ads in Universal App campaigns

Universal App campaigns run ads across the Google Search Network and the Display Network, including Google Play, within other apps, and on YouTube. These campaigns generate your ads based on your app listing in the Google Play Store, a few independent lines of text, and an optional YouTube video link. AdWords can mix and match these separate assets to build ads for your app, and optimize the ad for app installs. Learn how to create a Universal App campaign.

How to use text in your ad

The most important thing to note about these ads is that each line of text you enter must be able to be appear in any order with your other text, alone, or not at all. These lines must also be under 25 characters in length. Here's an example:

Yes checkmark Independent text order Dependent text order
  • Idea 1: Start playing today
  • Idea 2: Sign up for our app


  • Idea 1: Sign up for our app
  • Idea 2: Start playing today
  • Idea 1: Get the newest version
  • Idea 2: of the best game around


  • Idea 1: Of the best game around
  • Idea 2: Get the newest version

Where your ads can appear

Universal App campaigns use automated targeting, so it's not necessary to select keywords or placements to designate where you want your ads to appear. AdWords optimizes the number of installs you'll get from your ads by searching out the highest-potential placements for your ads based on your app's listing in the app store.

How assets are used to create ads

Universal App campaigns do the customization for you by taking your individual assets and combining them to create a full ad. The assets you upload may be added to, dropped, or modified during the ad serving process. This ensures that users get a great experience from your ad, no matter when and where they see it.

Universal App campaigns run ads in different formats and across different networks. If you don't add your own video, AdWords may make one for you. Your ads will be customized for wherever they appear on Google's ad network, and any original content may be added to, dropped, or modified during the ad serving process.

Exclusion settings

By choosing to promote your app with Google, you understand that your app may show in any of these ad formats and across any of these networks. Universal App campaigns respect your account settings regarding any exclusions you’ve set for webpages and apps. Learn about how you can exclude webpages and apps.

Things to keep in mind

  • Your ads will not be translated. Make sure that your language targeting matches the language used in your ads.
  • Because all of the ads in a Universal App campaign are generated by AdWords, you won't be able to see how each one is performing. Your ad metrics and performance will appear in the table on "Campaigns" page
  • You don't need to create ad groups because your entire campaign is considered an ad group.
  • Make sure to create separate Universal App campaigns for each app you're promoting.


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