Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)

CPM bidding means that you pay based on the number of impressions (times your ads are shown) that you receive on the Google Display Network. Starting this year, CPM bidding will be replaced by viewable CPM bidding. Existing CPM bids will eventually be transitioned to vCPM automatically. Learn more about using viewable CPM bids.

  • CPM stands for cost-per-thousand impressions, so you pay for each set of a thousand views of your ad. You set CPM bids to tell Google how much you're willing to pay for that set of impressions.
  • CPM bidding is best suited for advertisers who are focused on brand awareness. For advertisers whose main goal is sales or website traffic, CPC bidding (pay for each click on your ad) might be a better option.
  • You set a maximum CPM (or "max CPM") bid as the highest amount that you're willing to pay for 1,000 views of your ad.

Transition to viewable CPM

This summer, all cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) bids will transition to a new type of bid called viewable CPM (vCPM), and CPM bidding will no longer be available.

Viewable CPM allows you to bid on the actual value of of your ad being in a viewable position on a given placement. Learn more about viewable CPM bids

We recommend that you upgrade any existing CPM campaigns before they are automatically migrated. Bidding for viewable impressions means you only pay for ads that come into view, so using a higher vCPM bid than your CPM bid is usually more effective for winning these more valuable types of impressions. This can help keep your bids competitive and continue to meet your daily budget.

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