Conversion tracking

A free tool in your account that can help measure how clicks on your ads lead to meaningful actions such as sales or leads.

  • A conversion occurs when a click on your ad leads directly to a behavior that's valuable to you, such as a purchase, newsletter sign-up, phone call, or download.
  • It's important to track conversions because they can give you insight into how the performance of your ads relates directly to the success of your business. Conversion tracking can also help identify which ads and keywords are most successful for your business.
  • To use conversion tracking for most sources of conversions, you or someone else will need to edit your website's HTML code to add a small bit of tracking code called a tag. This tag will place a cookie on a user's computer or mobile phone when he or she clicks your ad. If the user reaches one of your conversion pages, AdWords looks for the cookie and records a successful conversion for you.

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