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About the new AdWords experience

Welcome to the new AdWords experience!


  • Create and improve campaigns based on your unique business goals.
  • Save time and get more done with faster access to the features you use most.
  • Gain actionable insights with new graphs and powerful reporting tools.
  • Same AdWords performance you're used to, so your campaigns continue to run the same way you're already familiar with. And, you can always switch back to the previous AdWords experience if you get stuck.


There's no additional cost to use the new AdWords. So what are you waiting for?

Exclusive features

The new AdWords experience has a number of exclusive new features that aren't available in the previous AdWords:

Available features What it does
"Overview" page Get curated performance insights that are generated by Google about your account, campaigns, and ad groups
Bid adjustments for calls Adjust your bids on call extensions to account for lost impression share
Showcase Shopping ads Get customers interested in your brand or business by grouping together related products and presenting them together
Audience manager Unifies targeting options for the Google Display network and remarketing lists for Search ads. To find, click the main 3-dot icon in the upper right of your account, and click Audience manager.
Manager account-level Overview page and Opportunities Find fresh insights and improvement ideas across all your managed accounts
Promotion extensions Highlight specific sales and offers along with your Search ads
Import third-party app analytics platform data Link your account to third-party app analytics platforms, and import your data to AdWords to track and measure your mobile app conversions
Keyboard shortcuts Quickly navigate to any place in your account
Negative keywords for Universal App campaigns Add negative keywords to your Universal App campaigns
“Landing pages” page View  landing page performance, find out if your landing page is mobile friendly
“Guided steps” section Access all guided steps in one spot, to be guided through various tasks in your account
Content exclusions Apply content exclusions across all of your Display, Video, and Universal App campaigns from one place in your account

Feature differences between the previous and new AdWords

For certain advertisers, changes you make to some reporting features aren’t reflected across both AdWords experiences. To learn more, please see this article.

Some names and features have changed in the new AdWords experience from what you might be used to in the previous experience. Here's a summary of the differences:

Previous experience What's changed in the new experience
"Dimensions" tab reports Now called "Predefined reports" and available from the reporting icon in the top right of your account
Display Planner Some features are available while you're creating your Display campaigns; otherwise retired
Total conversion value (“Total conv. value” column header in your data tables) Now called "conversion value" ("Conv. value" column header in your data tables)
Audiences targeting “Target & bids” now called “Targeting”
“Bid only” now called “Observations"
Auction insights  Moved under the "More" menu along the top of the Campaigns, Ad groups, and Keywords pages
Gear icon features, Shared library, bulk operations, features under the “Tools” drop-down menu Moved under the tool icon in the top right of your account
Google Analytics in conversion tracking No dedicated “Google Analytics” page. You can see your Google Analytics goals when you create a new conversions action and import Analytics goals as conversions.
Webpages in conversion tracking To see the webpages where conversions occur, go to your “Conversion actions” table and click on a website conversion action. Then, click Webpages along the top of the page.

Features not yet available in the new experience

Here are some of the primary features that aren't available yet in the new AdWords. Stay tuned.

Not yet available
App re-engagement
AdWords Labs
Bulk uploads
Download functionality for placements and placement exclusions
Google Analytics columns
Image ads for Search campaigns with Display expansion
Scheduled feed upload
Historical Quality Score

Column and segment changes

The following columns and segments won’t be included in the new AdWords experience:

Column / segment
  • Click assisted conv.
  • Impr. assisted conv.
  • Click assisted conv. value
  • Impr. assisted conv. value
  • Click-assisted conv./last click conv.
  • Impr.assisted conv./last click conv.
  • Phone call conversions
  • Phone cost
  • Avg CPP
  • Total cost

Social segment and columns

  • +1s
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Follows
  • Earned impressions
  • Earned social actions
  • +1 Annotations


*Keep in mind that Network (with search partners) is still available

View type (Video only)

Manager accounts in the new AdWords experience 

Along with most of the manager account features you’re used to, these new features are now available in manager accounts.

Find information about all your accounts on the new Accounts page
Overview page showing summary of performance data for managed accounts
Cross-account opportunities
Currency conversion for accounts using currencies different from the manager account
Hierarchy view that shows your full account structure
Cancel managed accounts directly from your manager account 


Note that budgets aren’t yet editable from the Budgets page in the new AdWords experience. The feature will soon be available, so stay tuned. 

Send us feedback

We want to hear about what's working for you in the new AdWords and what could be improved. To share your thoughts, click the help icon in the upper right side of your account, then click Leave feedback.


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