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Track app conversions with Google Play

Use conversion data from Google Play to see how effectively your ads lead to Android app installs and in-app activity.

This article explains how to track Android installs and in-app actions directly from Google Play, with a third-party analytics tool, or by adding code to your app. To track your conversions by importing them from Firebase, see these instructions instead. For more about mobile app conversion tracking in general, see About mobile app conversion tracking.

Before you begin

Here's what you'll need before you can set up Android app conversion tracking:

  • An AdWords account: Don't have one yet? Sign up at
  • An Android app: This is the app for which you want to track installs or in-app actions.
  • Ability to set up conversion data: For app installs (first open) or in-app actions, either you or your app developer will need to be able to edit your app's code or use a 3rd-party analytics tool. This is not required for app installs (from Google Play).
  • A Google Play account linked: For automatic in-app purchase conversions only, you need to have linked a Google Play developer account with your AdWords account. (If you use cross-account conversion tracking to track conversions with a manager account, you need to link Google Play to the manager account. If you don’t track conversions with a manager account, link your individual account.)


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About the "Mobile app" setting

The “Mobile app” setting links your conversion action to a particular app. This lets AdWords alert you if you have multiple conversion actions tracking app installs for the same app, so that you can avoid counting two conversions––and potentially bidding for two conversions––for a single app install.

To use this setting, simply look up your mobile app by name, package name, or publisher.

Only apps published on Google Play will appear when you search. If your app isn’t published yet, but you want to set up conversion tracking, you can enter the package name in the field and click Done. To find the package name of your app, look up the app on Google Play. The package name appears in the URL:<package_name>

It’s best to use the conversion action to track only the app that you’ve set in “Mobile app.” If you want to track conversions for multiple apps, create separate conversion actions for each.

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