About background checks for Local Services ads

As explained in our advertising policies, all advertisers using Local Services ads must complete a background check.
  • All workers that provide services at customers' locations must complete a background check.
  • Background checks are performed by Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations, Inc., at no cost to you.
  • Contact Pinkerton for questions about the background checks.

Why a background check is required

Background checks are required to be awarded the Google Guarantee. This guarantee is a badge of trust for your consumers and a key benefit of the program.

Business background check

One authorized representative must complete the background check on behalf of the business. An authorized representative can be a business owner or manager. The representative will provide Google’s partner Pinkerton a list of field workers who must also complete the background check process.

Fieldworker background check

If your business signs up for Local Services ads, every employee, independent contractor, temporary worker, contingent worker, vendor, or other worker who will visit a customer’s location must complete a background check. Office managers, clerical workers, customer support representatives (or others that don’t visit customers) don't need to complete background checks.

Cost of background checks

There is no cost to you for the background checks.

Who performs the background checks

Background checks are performed by Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations, Inc., a third-party risk management and security company. Pinkerton may send Google anonymized or aggregated data for quality control purposes, but otherwise background check results for Local Services providers remain strictly confidential between the professional and Pinkerton.

Google publishes general eligibility criteria for the Local Services ads program and your obligations during the background check process. For more information, please see our advertising policies.

If you have questions about the information checked, time period covered, appeals, and more, you can contact Pinkerton at pes.support@pinkerton.com or (410) 785-7775.

What does a background check cover?

For each worker, the background check includes inquiries about Social Security number validity and criminal history (including cross-checks against national sex offender and terrorist/sanctions registries). At the company level, the process also includes professional license and insurance verifications, as well as civil litigation history (including judgments and liens from federal and state courts).

How are background checks conducted?

Before Pinkerton runs any background checks, it provides each individual with the opportunity to review the necessary disclosures under state and federal law and ensures that each individual agrees to the terms before conducting the checks. The disclosures and terms allow Pinkerton to conduct the checks for Local Services ads and any follow-up checks in the future. Pinkerton is a trusted vendor that has undergone strict data security audits and takes care to protect each individual’s privacy.

What happens if you fail a background check

Businesses that fail the background check process are not eligible to participate in Local Services ads. Please note that you and your workers can always contact Pinkerton to identify any errors, inaccuracies, or otherwise respond to background check results. After receiving a final decision of disqualification (e.g., after resolving any errors or inaccuracies you may have raised), you must wait an additional thirty (30) days to reapply for admission to Local Services ads by Google. If your reapplication is also denied, you then must wait one (1) year before reapplying to the platform.

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