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Using Quality Score to Guide Optimizations: Google Best Practices

Official Guide to Understanding and Improving Ad Quality.

This ad quality best practices guide explains what Quality Score is and how you can use it to improve your ad performance in AdWords. 


1. What is AdWords Quality Score

  • Quality Score is a helpful diagnostic tool, not a key performance indicator. 

Why: Your Quality Score is like a warning light in a car’s engine that shows how healthy your ads and keywords are. It’s not meant to be a detailed metric that should be the focus of account management.

Read more about AdWords Quality Score.

2. Diagnose keyword quality using Quality Score and other metrics

  • Focus your efforts on high-value areas where you can affect change. 

Why: Being selective with your quality optimization efforts allows you to maximize impact - don’t waste time on things you can’t change or optimizations with limited upside.

Read more about diagnosing keyword quality with Quality Score.

3. Follow up on your Quality Score diagnosis

  • Pay attention to the “Big Three” component parts of ads quality: ad relevance, expected CTR and landing page experience. 

Why: The real-time evaluations of these three components are used in the AdWords ad auction, while your Quality Score itself is not. Speaking generally, when those three components aren’t working well, you may want to take actions to improve them.

Read more about following up on the diagnosis from your Quality Score

4. Six things that matter (and don’t) when it comes to ads quality

  • Understand what does and doesn’t matter when it comes to ads quality. 

Why: Doing so will keep you focused on meaningful optimizations that will improve ads quality.

Read more about what matters for ads quality.

Download a printable version of the guide and checklist.


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