Set up cross-account conversion tracking

To use cross-account conversions, you’ll need to have more than one AdWords account and a manager account that’s linked to those accounts.

If you haven’t yet set up conversion tracking before, don't worry. We’ll help you with the steps below.

Step 1: Create cross-account conversions within a manager account
To create cross-account conversions, sign in to your manager account and follow these instructions, choosing the appropriate conversion source for the kind of conversion action you want to track.


When adding the new conversion tracking tag to your website or code to your mobile app, make sure that you leave your old tag or code for the number of days in your chosen conversion window. Also, do not remove your old conversion actions or their tags until your conversion window has passed. Otherwise, you could lose some conversions – specifically those generated from clicks that happened before these changes.

Step 2: Choose accounts for conversion action sharing
Once you’ve created cross-account conversions for your accounts and added new conversion tracking tags to your website if necessary, you can let your managed accounts use these conversions. Just keep in mind:
  • Before changing any conversion accounts, make sure that you’ve already added the necessary tags to your website. Otherwise, conversions won’t be recorded.
  • To verify cross-account conversions, make sure you've chosen one or more managed accounts to use your manager account's cross-account conversions, and that at least one conversion is recorded in a managed account.

  • To share conversion actions across your managed accounts, set up sharing from within your manager account. Conversion actions cannot be shared between managed accounts.

Ready to set up? Follow the steps below to share cross-account conversions with your managed accounts:

  1. Sign in to your manager account at
  2. Click the Accounts tab.
  3. Click the Admin tab. You'll see a full list of your managed accounts.
  4. Check the boxes next to the managed accounts that you want using your conversion actions.
  5. Click the Edit drop-down menu.
  6. Select Conversion account, then Change to this manager. Your managed accounts will now use your conversion actions.


When choosing your accounts, remember that any account can’t simultaneously use account-specific conversions and cross-account conversions. It can use only one or the other. (You can switch between the two without losing any conversions, though.) Also, if an account belongs to more than one manager account, it can only use conversions from one manager.

Disabling cross-account conversion tracking

A managed account can switch back to using its account-specific conversions again instead of cross-account conversions.

Before switching conversion management back to a managed account, make sure that the conversion tracking tags belonging to those conversions are still on the relevant webpages, if necessary. For example, you might have removed these tags when you created a cross-account conversion. If that’s the case, the managed account will need to generate new tags and add them to the site.

To prevent any conversions from being lost during the transition, leave the tag for the cross-account conversion as long as the number of days in your chosen conversion window.

To stop sharing conversion actions with managed accounts, simply follow the steps above under "Choose accounts for conversion action sharing," but during step 5, select Change to client.

Disable cross-account conversions in a managed account
Your managed accounts also can opt out of using your cross-account conversions at any time. (If they change their mind later, your managed accounts can always contact you to have you share again.)

Have your managed accounts follow these steps if they’d like to disable cross-account conversions.

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click the Tools menu and select Conversions.
  3. In the left menu, click Settings.
  4. Click Conversion account.
  5. Select This account.
  6. Click Save.


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