Customize tables and charts

The best way to spot opportunities for your business is to regularly review your performance data. With dynamic tables and charts, you can examine account-wide trends, or find the answers to specific questions about how customers are interacting with your ads.

In this article, you’ll learn how to customize your tables and charts to review the data that matters most to your business and to manage your account with greater ease, speed, and clarity.

Before you begin

To get started, consider your AdWords goals and decide which statistics are most important for measuring progress toward those goals. Those will be the statistics you’ll highlight in your customized tables and charts. Learn What to track based on your advertising goals.


Choose the AdWords experience you're using. Learn more

How to change the date range

Click the date range in the upper right of the page. The date range will update for both the table and chart. You can also compare two date ranges to see them side by side in the chart. Learn more about measuring performance by date range.

How to modify table columns

To add or remove columns for the table, click the columns icon Columns and click Modify columns. To resize a column, click and drag the edge of the column header left or right. Learn more about adding and removing columns.

How to sort and segment table rows

To sort your table, click the header of the column that you want to sort your data by. To reverse the order, click the same header again.

To segment table data, click the segment icon Segment, and choose which dimensions you want to use to split up your rows. Learn more about using segments.

How to create a filter

Click the filter icon Filter. Applying a filter to your table hides the data you don’t want to see. Learn more about filtering your data.

How to view or hide a chart

Click the chart icon Chart to view or hide the chart. To enlarge the chart, click the enlarge icon Enlarge.

How to change the metrics in the chart

Click the metric drop-down menus above the chart, and select the metric you want the chart to show. You can see up to 2 metrics at once in the same chart.

How to change the time interval of your chart

Click the 3-dot icon above the chart, and choose your preferred time interval (daily, weekly, etc.).

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