Check your Quality Score

When you're looking for insight into how relevant your landing page and ad are to the keywords that you've chosen, you can look at your Quality Score.

Your current Quality Score and its component scores can be seen with 4 Quality Score status columns: Qual. Score, Landing page experience, Ad relevance and Expected click-through rate (CTR).

We also show you a historical record of your past quality score and its components with 4 stats columns: Qual. Score (hist.), Landing page exper. (hist.), Ad relevance (hist.) and Exp. CTR (hist.).

This article explains how to find your Quality Score and all of its components, past and present.

Before you start

If you’re not familiar with the components of Quality Score, consider reviewing About Quality Score before you get started.


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  1. Click Keywords in the page menu. 
  2. Hover over a keyword’s status in the “Status” column. You'll be able to see ratings for expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance and landing page experience.
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