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Some ads have extra flair, be it a short video, or an expandable image. If you've created ads like these, some of the possible customer interactions with those ads may be free. These free interactions won't appear automatically in your account statistics tables, but you can customize your view of your data in order to see them.

Knowing how customers interact with your ads can help you understand which formats catch their attention and which parts of your ads keep customers paying attention. This can further help you understand what keeps them focused on your ad, and what makes them clickthrough to your site. You can use this information to refine your ads to a style that your customers find the most engaging.

Find your free clicks data

Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab. If you want to see data for a specific campaign or ad group, click its name in the panel on the side of the page. Campaigns tab
  3. Click the Dimensions tab. Dimensions tab
  4. Click the View menu in the toolbar.
  5. Select Free clicks. Free clicks
  6. Your statistics table will contain the columns and metrics displayed in the table for free clicks, impressions, and free click type and rate.
  7. Once your statistics table looks the way you want, you can download the data in a report. Just click the download button .
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Understanding how free clicks and interactions work

A click is also an "ad interaction." Any time a customer places their cursor over your ad, they are interacting with the ad, whether they click the ad or not. If they click on certain portions of the ad, and the ad is interactive, some of those interactions will be free. In those cases the interaction is considered a "free click."


If your ad is an expandable image ad, you won't be charged if a customer clicks on your ad to expand the image within the ad, since that is the interactive nature of the ad format.

Depending on the ad format, you'll be charged if the customer completes an ad interaction that connects them with your business or service or with the key customer interaction the ad has been designed for.


  1. A click on the headline of a standard text ad will take the customer to your ad's landing page. This is a standard clickthrough for which you'll be charged.
  2. If a customer clicks your ad to initiate your AdWords for video ad content, you won't be charged right away. However,you'll be charged if the viewer continues to watch the video for a minimum amount of time.

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