First page bid estimate

An estimate of the bid you likely need to set in order for your ad to be shown on the first page of search results.

  • This estimate approximates what cost-per-click (CPC) bid is needed for your ad to show on the first page when a search query exactly matches your keyword. Your ad can still appear if your bid does not meet this estimate, but it's more likely not to appear on the first page of search results.
  • The estimate is based on each keyword's Quality Score and competition from other advertisers. If your first page bid estimate is very high, it may mean that your keyword's Quality Score is poor and could be improved.
  • To see first page bid estimates for your keywords, find the "Est. first page bid" column on the Keywords tab.
  • The estimate isn't a guarantee -- on occasion your ad may not make it to the first page, even when you meet the first page bid estimate.

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