Update to Customer Match policy (October 2018)

Beginning on 22 October, our Google Ads policy will be updated with additional requirements for advertisers using Customer Match to show sufficiently established Google Ads account history. Advertiser accounts must have:

  • A good history of policy compliance
  • A good payment history
  • At least 90 days history in Google Ads
  • More than USD 50,000 total lifetime spend 

Advertisers who currently use Customer Match can contact their assigned account manager or Google Support to check whether they meet the account history requirements and can continue using Customer Match. 

Beginning on 22 October, advertisers who don’t meet the new requirements will no longer be able to use Customer Match. At this time, campaigns that use Customer Match may stop running for these advertisers.

After 22 October, advertisers who want to begin using Customer Match will need to contact their assigned account manager to determine whether they are eligible to have Customer Match enabled for their account. Advertisers who have never used Customer Match and don’t have an assigned account manager will not be eligible to use Customer Match. In the future, we will offer an application process for advertisers who meet account requirements and want to request access to Customer Match. An announcement will be made when the application process becomes available. 

This policy will apply globally to all advertisers using Customer Match. The Customer Match policy page will be updated once this requirement goes into effect. 

(Posted October 2018)

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