Eligible (limited): Definition

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A status given to ads that comply with our policies but are limited in where and when they can show.

An ad will be marked "Eligible (limited)" when Google Ads policies (common examples include Alcohol, Gambling, Healthcare, and Trademarks) prevent certain types of ads from showing in certain regions, to certain ages, or on certain devices. Ads won’t show on mobile devices if the destination performs poorly on mobile devices.

For example:

  • A gambling ad run by an advertiser certified under our Gambling policy will serve as Eligible (limited).
  • An ad labeled for our Sexual Content: Moderately Restricted policy will serve as Eligible (limited).

If you believe your ad has been incorrectly labeled for a policy restriction and should not be serving as Eligible (limited), please follow the appeal process instructions outlined here.

Learn more

Enable the Policy Details column to see why an ad is Eligible (limited)

About the ad review process

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