UK financial services policy update (December 2022)

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Note: This change log was corrected on 22 November 2022 to properly reflect the impact on Insolvency Practitioners.

On 6 December 2022, the Google Ads UK financial services policy will be updated. 

This policy update contains two changes to contribute to a healthier ecosystem for financial services ads. 

Debt Services

Firstly, debt services will be moved into scope for the UK Financial Services policy, so debt services advertisers targeting the UK will have to complete UK Financial Services verification. Insolvency Practitioners will no longer be able to rely on regulation by a Recognised Professional Body to run debt services ads in the UK after this change.

Exempt Professional Firms and recognised investment exchanges

Secondly, the Google Ads UK financial services verification requirements will be updated to allow advertisers that are included on the UK Financial Conduct Authority financial services Register as ‘Exempt Professional Firms’ and Recognised Investment Exchanges to be verified as UK FCA-authorised advertisers. Exempt professional firms and recognised Investment Exchanges can apply for this verification and, once they have completed this verification, can begin to advertise financial services in the UK.

Updated verification requirements for FCA-authorised firms:

To be eligible for UK FCA verification, advertisers promoting regulated financial services activities must (1) be authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (UK FCA) or included on the UK FCA Financial Services Register as an exempt professional firm or recognised investment exchange, and (2) and complete Google’s identity verification programme.


Please review this policy update to determine whether or not any of your ads fall in scope of the policy, and if so, initiate and complete verification or remove those ads before enforcement begins. 

Violations of this policy won't lead to immediate account suspension without prior warning. A warning will be issued, at least seven days prior to any suspension of your account. Learn more about suspended accounts here.

Full enforcement of this policy will begin on 16 January 2023.


(Posted on 5 October 2022)


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