Financial Services Advertising in Brazil, India and Portugal (October 2022)


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Extending Pre-Enforcement Period for New Financial Services Verification Requirements

Google previously announced that it will update its financial products and services policy to introduce new verification requirements for advertisers targeting Brazil, India and Portugal. In that announcement, we stated that advertisers that have not completed verification by 17 October 2022 would no longer be able to serve financial services ads in these countries. Today, we announce that we will extend our pre-enforcement period until 24 January 2023.  We will begin enforcing the policy on 24 January 2023 and may take approximately four weeks to ramp up to full enforcement. 

Starting 24 January 2023, advertisers that have not successfully completed the new verification process will no longer be allowed to show financial services ads in these countries.

Once Google begins enforcing the policy on 24 January 2023, in order to advertise financial services in Brazil, India or Portugal, advertisers must (1) obtain third party verification through our external compliance partner, G2 and then (2) apply for financial services verification with Google.  As part of G2’s third party verification process, G2 will ask advertisers about the type of financial services they provide, whether they are licensed to provide those services, and their registration number, among other things. Advertisers must demonstrate that the relevant financial services regulator directly authorises them to undertake financial services activities or that they are exempt from that requirement. Once third party verified by G2, advertisers will need to apply to Google for financial services verification using the unique third party verification code they receive from G2. Our external compliance partner, G2, began processing applications for financial services verification on 16 August 2022.  

To learn more about the new Financial Services verification requirements and initiate verification, please follow the below links. 

Please review this policy update to determine whether or not any of your financial products or services ads fall in scope of the policy, and, if so, initiate and complete the verification process or remove those ads before enforcement begins. 

Violations of this policy won't lead to immediate account suspension without prior warning. A warning will be issued, at least seven days prior to any suspension of your account. Learn more about suspended accounts here.


(Posted on 3 October 2022)


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