Business Operations Verification

Business operations verification

As a part of Google’s Advertiser verification program, we may ask you to verify information regarding your business operations. This may include details about your business, such as your: 

  1. Business model (for example - Authorized reseller, Affiliate, direct provider of goods/services)
  2. Business registration information
  3. Product / service offerings
  4. Business practices
  5. Relationships with advertised brands or third parties, if applicable

The person responsible for completing the verification should be an account admin familiar with business operations and advertising practices for the Google Ads account.

Depending on your answers, the survey may ask for documentation to aid the verification process. Documentation is used to help provide context and corroborate the information shared by you in the survey. 

Advertisers whose accounts were suspended due to a violation of our Google Ads policies may also be requested to undergo this verification as part of the account suspension appeals and remediation process. In this case, the advertiser’s accounts will remain suspended until the verification program is successfully completed.

Failure reasons for business operations verification

Advertisers will be given 30 days to successfully complete business operations verification and all other requested verifications under the Advertiser verification program (if applicable). Failure to complete or meet the verification requirements of business operations verification will result in an account pause. Note that the pause will only be applied after the 30th day if advertisers have not completed or met the requirements. The following will result in account pausing:

Failure to fully complete the business operations verification form within the specified time period

Submission of incomplete information during the verification program

Additionally, upon review of the information provided during the business operations verification, Google may consider your business model, operations or practices as unclear. This may be due to multiple reasons but not limited to the following.

Inconsistent or inaccurate information provided during the verification program

Unsubstantiated relationships with third parties or advertised brands where applicable

Lack of information or clarity on the end provider of the products or services advertised

Irrelevant, insufficient or invalid documentation

In certain circumstances, we may pause advertisers’ accounts immediately when the Advertiser verification program is initiated. This means that advertisers' ads will not be able to serve until they are able to complete the program successfully. Learn more about the reasons for pausing your account immediately for Advertiser verification here.

Note: Advertisers must clarify and substantiate provisioning of products or services advertised with clear and accurate responses in the verification form. If you had indicated that the website pre-populated in your verification form is not associated with your customer ID, please ensure that you had provided an alternative website url and that the url is not invalid and that it appears in your Google Ads account. You must ensure that information in the verification form is consistent with the information you have provided in your Google Ads account.

You may provide the following to substantiate your relationships with advertised brands or businesses: unique identifiers, verification websites, contact details of individuals employed by third parties, or documentation (including an agreement, contract, or a document explaining the business relationship with the third party or brand owner on their company letterhead).

You must successfully complete all requirements of the Advertiser verification program to resume ad serving in your account.  Advertisers should not create new accounts during or after they fail the verification process as subsequent accounts may also be paused.

  1. If you are unable to complete the verification, or have been unsuccessful, your Google Ads account will be paused. Note that the pause will only be applied after the 30th day if advertisers have not completed or met the requirements.
  2. You can submit the form again to complete the verification successfully. Make sure that you provide all the information required in the form. Most submissions are reviewed within 5-7 business days, though some can take longer if they need a more complex review.
  3. If you believe we made a mistake, contact us for support. 

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