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To ensure that advertisers do not repeatedly violate the Google Ads policies and Term & Conditions, we may issue strikes that put their accounts in a temporary hold state for violations of certain non-egregious policies. Putting the account on hold temporarily prevents ads from serving and gives advertisers time to remedy the violation(s) in question. 

Advertisers whose accounts are put on temporary hold will receive an email and an in-account notification. Bear in mind:

  • Accounts in a temporary hold state cannot run any ads. Advertisers can, however, still access their accounts and any associated reports.
  • The account will be released from temporary hold when the advertiser takes either of the following actions:
    • Acknowledging the strike. Once a strike has been acknowledged and the policy violation has been remedied, the account will be released from the temporary hold state 3 days after a first strike has been issued, or 7 days after a second strike; 
    • Successfully appealing the strike, which will result in the account being released from temporary hold immediately.
  • Once a strike is issued, the account will continue to remain on temporary hold until the advertiser acknowledges and remedies the violations,  or successfully appeals the strike.  
  • Please do not create any new accounts while your account is on temporary hold. Circumventing our systems or processes may lead to an account suspension.

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