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"You have an adsense that already exists" Please help with this issue? Hi guys, When applied for Adsense, I received this message and the problem is I can't close both of …
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What type of difficulties does a redirected site face to get site approval? Dear sir/Maam, I migrate my website from old domain to a new domain, contents remain same. The first… Is Address verification needed after Identify verification? I don't have address verification option Hello AdSense thanks for hearing to me I have reached my payment threshold through my YouTube channe…
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Why are my earning tabs not showing in my website, my website https://agtrickonline.blogspot.com Which time I click on earning tabs in my blog not showing Adsense approval page. So please solve my … Site Behavior: Navigation Hi, I have sent my application to Google AdSense for it to approved my website for ads. However, upo…
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Google adsense account not yet approved Hey I applied for Google Adsense one week ago and done all the necessary things for approval. I put …
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Hello! I would like to know how can you see if your adsense account is verified.. Hello Google! I put my pin code in the system and it was accepted but then it asked me to put pin ag…
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Is AdSense verification on whole domain or only specific sites, where I include js file? I've created website application which tests your luck by random chances generated on server using m… Which pages of my site has policy violations? I send five times for submit adsense but still shows me your website has some page policy violations… why adsense dont approve my site ? i tried sending several times the request , but its always the same .. what is wrong with my site th…
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So google keeps giving me a no content violation for my website to be approve So am getting a no content violation to be approved for ads on my website but i puslish articles on …
0 Recommended Answers 20 Replies 1 Upvote
"An error occured: 403." appeared at my ads.txt box Hello, I have a WP web (https://yaaritrabel.com/) with a sub-domain (https://lifestyle.yaaritrabel.c…
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Why cant i open an adsense Im trying to monetize on YouTube. I get to the second step and it says fix in adsense. So i go there…
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Mirroring issues of my domains , how to resolve? I have two domains abc1.com and abc2.com I have uploaded the backup of abc1.com to abc2.com deleted …
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Getting Scraped Error but my Site is All Written By Me I have over 30 websites running AdSense and have used them since they started up, so I'm generally f… We can't connect your site to AdSense Dear Adsense Team, i m having the same problem. Please help Me We can't connect your site to AdSense…
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Why does Adsense review say Valuable inventory: no content though there are quality contents? I already have Adsense aproved to my site. I have been working for only one site for last 5 years; t…
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What is the meaning of "Your site adher to adsense" Hey,today I applied for adsense of my my web www.bharatautoagency.com . And I got a rejected email t… Says Code can't be found, even though it is in the HTML. I have had my blog since 2013 and been using Adsense the whole time. Recently, I went from Wordpress…
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