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Updated: Today
Review of proposed implementation of EU user consent policy Hi, I have spent lot of time to understand EU user consent policy. In summary, as I understand, I ca… How we can protect invalid clicks from blog/ site on blogger platform ? Hi Team, Recently my google adsense account temporarily suspended by adsense team stating that due t… Invalid Activity: Multi-Clicking I received a warning on Sept 18th that my ad serving was temporarily limited on my account. Today, S… Account disabled due to Invalid Activity. What to do? Hi, My Adsense account recently approved (3 to 4 days back). Started to manage ads on pages with dif… Blocking all EU users for compliance with EU user consent policy Hi all, I have been spending too much time for the right implementation of EU policy. Concept is cle…
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why is not my website approved? Hello everyone. I have a website with original content. I sent a request many times to AdSense but I… AdSense Publisher Policy Violation Report? I have received an AdSense Publisher Policy Violation Report that ''New violations were detected.'' … I found AdSense ads on a bad website I found AdSense ads on a bad website I found that many URL Shortener websites use Adsense approved w… How google detects invalid clicks I want to know how google detects invalid clicks on any website. You need to fix some issues before your site is ready for AdSense My website name is https://kumudam.com We are trying include google ads for our website, but every t… Have reported disqusting images in some google ads without effect. What can I do to stop this? I have reported google ads which show up on multiple news sites, some of which I pay a monthly fee f…
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Updated: Yesterday
some hacked my site and added google ads code "Ad serving has been limited" - Do I need to do anything regarding this? I got the "Ad serving has been limited" in my policies page after noticing my ads disappeared since … Implementation for compliance with EU user consent policy(Non-personalized ads) I know, even if I am selecting 'Non-personalized ads' under 'Blocking Controls -> All Sites -> 'EU u…
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Site-wide policy violation without response/review for about 2 months? Is this normal? Hello, I am looking for some insight and/or assistance in getting a site-wide policy violation lifte…
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Temporary ads limit in place for reason: "new account" We've had our AdSense account running for a few years now and earning for at least 2 years. Today we… Question About "Must Fix" Policy Violation Two pages pinged as "Must Fix" in my policy center. Is it enough to make them private (the URL now l… Program policies problem Sir I have improved my content alot and still getting program policies issue message from adsense. P… how does Google will allow Google ads from Invalid traffic concerns? my account is disable for google adsense ads on my site due to Invalid traffic concerns. i want to k… My fiction website posts erotic stories. Hope this won't violate Sexually explicit content policy? I have a website that deals in fiction, and some of the posts are erotic in nature. Hope the site wo…
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