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Why Western Union is holding my money and Google supporting it by keeping Quiet. 0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 5 Upvotes
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My adsense earning was on hold for long time, because payment option was not configured. Recently, I set the payment options by linking my bank account (check) and Western Union. Google refuse to consider my bank account (check) as primary payment so only option I had is Western Union. Google and Western Union clearly states that you can collect your Western Union money from local Western Union agent with valid government issue ID and Western Union MTCN. With both (government issue ID and Western Union MTCN) I headed to local Western Union agent to collect my money but I was refused by Western Union, simply because money was sent for another country not currently where I am now. I was shocked and surprise, how Google can do that when it is tracking each and every moment of users authentication, location and many more and this is serious matter of money. I called the Western Union customer care line and wasted my 1 hour without any fruitful result. Western Union verified everything, agent conveyed me that information is correct, but refuse simply that money is send to another country, although, I am same person and I have moved from location where I open my Adsense account almost 15 years back(who keep track of all those).  I asked Western Union to cancel payment and send money back to Google, but they simply rejected me saying- Google has to request that. Why Google need to ask return the money when Western Union verified that it is my money and Google has sent for me? I tried to look Google sent Western Union payment receipt but don't see any contact information of Google if any such issues arises. Google keeping silent in such matter make even worse ! I know there are many like me, who are stuck in catch-22 game of these corporations?
What is the solution? Any suggestions- highly appreciated !
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Looks to me that Adsense is quite clear about it
Deadline for picking up WU payments
You must pick up your WU payment within 60 days in the same country to which your payment was issued. 
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I have moved permanently from the place where I opened by Google Adsense account almost 15 years back. It is not financial viable to spent 10 time more to travel to the same country  to pickup money from Western Union sent by Google Adsense. There must be solutions to the problems like these. After all purpose of Western Union is that you can receive money around the Globe with ease, once you verified your credential. MoneyGram (similar service as Western Union allows, easy change of pickup location once you verified all the information). I hope Google and Western Union can make the solution simpler and easy rather than creating more complexity and frustration for Google/Western Union products users.
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I am facing the same problem. Google should streamline their payment methods or allow us to change our country information every time we move.
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This is my problem right now ,I moved to Philippines. I opened my adsense account in Saudi Arabia, is there any solution for this,when I went to Western Union they said I can pick up the money in Saudi Arabia , is there any orher way how to fix this kind of problem? Or theres way to ask someone I know to pick up my money in Saudi Arabia ,This is so frustrating.
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The only solution is for you with your ID to pick up the money is in the country that's on your Adsense account within 60 days (sometimes may be longer because WU doesn't always react quickly) or the money should then be returned to Adsense. Although you still won't be able to get it paid back out in a different country.
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