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My manual Tax ID verification was rejected? I have no clue where to go from here. 0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 5 Upvotes
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I’m trying to verify my tax info. I’ve never changed my name, been filing taxes for 10 years now, and for some reason my verification said it was denied and the IRS has no record of me? It’d be great to just talk to a person about this since the notifications from Ad Sense are useless.
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What did the rejection actually state? Never heard of the IRS stating to Adsense that they have no record of someone & normally it's simply that the name & TIN combination doesn't match IRS records.
https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p2108a.pdf (See Page 9 for what responses the IRS gives any company using the TIN matching service).
So talking to someone at Adsense would be pointless since they have no idea what your US taxpayer name & TIN is other than what you put on the W-9 & the IRS rejected it. For personal identity security it's not like the IRS is going to tell any company, including Google, what the name and/or TIN should be or what's wrong with it.
So it could be the name, it could be the TIN you're using, or both but they both should simply be exactly as what you enter onto your tax return.
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Here’s the message:
“Your account is on temporary hold because Your Tax Identity Number (TIN) entered in the tax form could not be found in IRS records”

I’ve had another person watch me type it all in and that all my info is entered the exact same as my last income tax statement. I’ve update all of my profile information to be the exact same and yet I keep getting the same error. 

I appreciate you trying to help, but this stuff isn’t rocket science and I just don’t get how that error makes any sense when the info I’m putting in is so straightforward.
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Maybe the IRS changed their responses since that's not  one of the choices but may be a variation of TIN not currently issued.
I'm not asking you to disclose any personal info but are you using an SSN or EIN?
Also sorry but don't know what you mean by your last income tax statement. Who sent you the tax statement? The name & TIn should match what you use on your 1040 or other federal tax return which I don't classify as a "statement".
You're correct that it isn't rocket science & the the only things Adsense is verifying w/ the IRS is the name & TIN. For a long time most publishers that had issues were using the wrong payee name in Adsense & Adsense would automatically pull the payee name onto the W-9 so the IRS would reject it. However within the last few months Adsense no longer pre-populates a name onto the W-9 or at least they don't on an adsense Business account.
Another trip up for some were those that are single member disregarded LLCs that are disregarded entities trying to use the EIN instead of their SSN 
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Again, I appreciate the help.

A company filed my taxes last year, so I double-checked everything they sent off. It's all the same, like it's been for 10+ years. I use an SSN. 

I've tried using a middle initial (even though any 1040 I could dig up didn't have it on there). I've tried any address I've lived at in the past 3 years. I've used my PO Box. I've used my street address. I've used both my PO Box and street address. I've tried it all with a middle initial and without. I've tried any conceivable combination I could cook up over the last 2 hours.

I just have a simple YouTube channel that got monetized about 2 months back and I did the whole PIN registration. No problems. I was asked to validate tax info to release a payment, and somehow my very simple and unchanging details are entirely a mystery to the powers that be around who needs to be taxed for this immaterial amount of money. And, the idea that someone manually tried to verify and it failed is mind-boggling to me. 

To your point, what is this "manual verification process" if they have no insights into what each side is seeing/saying? Why can't they give me someone at the IRS/Ad Sense I can contact about this issue. It shouldn't be anywhere near this difficult to fix such a simple problem.

Either they are just hitting the button like I am and being immediately rejected with absolutely no useful errors or intel, or there is something wrong with this entirely automated system that is basically telling me I'll never receive any of the money I've earned as a result of some unknown problem to which I will never receive any clarity around as to what is apparently incorrect.

All I get told is: "Uh oh. There was a problem. Your info will be manually verified." Excuse my apparent ranting, but this is just ridiculous.
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My Identy verification was rejected by Google three time by mistake please approve my account and release my Adsense payment thank you
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Again it's simply your name & SSN they are verifying for the US tax verification & the message was very specific that the SSN you used originally for verification isn't in IRS records. So did you maybe enter the wrong SSN number the 1st time you submitted & are now entering a different number since you checked the number with what is on your tax return? If so don't do anything until Adsense tells you that it was actually rejected again.
If it was rejected for not being in the IRS system after you verified the number on your tax return then you could ask your parents if they have a record of your SSN or check with Social Security Admin.
If you really want to know the IRS tax verification process see link further below but it's a highly automated system from both sides since Adsense has millions of publishers & the IRS has far more "members" than Adsense. The Adsense interface sends the information directly to the IRS interactive system so it's not someone sitting at Adsense hitting a button immediately after you submit. Note the instant verification has a limit of 999 requests during a 24 hr period & the Adsense system is submitting them one at a time automatically. Thus publishers that >>tried any conceivable combination I could cook up over the last 2 hours<< is chewing up part of that 999/24 limit every single time they hit the submit button.
FYI: I've tested the Adsense US tax updating process at least 5 times over the last few years & mine has never been verified instantly but gets verified every time during the manual process. Thus it failing instant verification doesn't automatically mean that any of the info is wrong & could simply possibly be that Adsense has already used up their 999 attempts within the last 24 hrs.
On-Line Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Matching Program 
There are two TIN matching options offered through e-services:
It would be a pretty safe bet that someone from Adsense isn't calling the IRS & giving them up to 100k names & TINs at a time with the IRS giving them personalized individual feedback on each of those combinations. The bulk TIN matching option is what Adsense "manual verification" is referring to & per the link I gave you in my reply yesterday the IRS system responds with verification or rejection with the limited information that Adsense gave you.
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Thanks again for all the responses. Looks like I'll just wait for another manual verification and just keep trying different variations if it fails again. I've never had any issues getting passports or anything else that required my SSN, so hopefully the next manual check just comes back with a match.
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