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About the Ad formats report

The Ad formats report lets you understand your monetisation performance based on how you've configured the ads on your site. You can use this report to see how the different types of ads on your site (e.g. Native In-feed ads versus standard display ads) are performing.

For example, the Ad formats report can help you understand:

  • How newer types of ads that you're using (e.g. native ads) are performing compared to your existing ads
  • The performance of automatic ads (e.g., anchors ads and vignettes) versus your standard ad units
  • How different kinds of ads are performing against each other.
Note: Reporting data is limited to the last three years and doesn't include data from YouTube or AdMob.

View the Ad formats report

  • Visit your Reports page, then click Ad formats in the list of reports.

Performance data

This report breaks out performance in two areas:

  • Requested formats: The kind of ad format that your site requested to be displayed, e.g., Display, Multiplex ads, etc.
  • Placement methods: How the ad was placed on your page. For example, was the ad placed in an ad unit that you manually positioned on the page or did AdSense automatically place it on the page for you.


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