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Present your data in charts

Charts provide a graphical representation of your data. You can use charts to illustrate changes in your metrics over time.

Chart types

Each chart type handles data differently. You should choose your chart type based on what you're looking to learn from your report. Here are some guidelines for when to use each chart type:

Chart type Best used when you are...
Timeline Comparing time (dates). A timeline shows fluctuations in a single metric (e.g., estimated earnings) for up to two different date ranges or multiple metrics for a single date range.
Bar chart Comparing the performance of multiple categories. A bar chart shows the comparison of how one category is performing compared to another.
Pie chart Comparing multiple categories in the form of percentages. A pie chart shows the percentile relationship between parts as compared to the whole.

Switch between chart types

When you run a report, we automatically show a default chart type for your data. Sometimes there are multiple chart types that fit the type of information you're analyzing.

  • To switch to a different chart type, click Chart options Chart options and select a new chart type.

Change the data in a chart


You can change the metrics that are displayed in the chart in a report.

  • To display a metric, click the metric name in the area above the chart. To stop displaying that metric, click the metric name again.

When you display multiple metrics in a chart, each metric uses a different color.

Note: If you display more than two metrics in a chart, the chart won't have a vertical scale, but you can hover over the data points to view the values of the selected metrics.

Example of chart data in Google Ad Sense showing estimated earnings and page views.

Data series

Each row of data in the table has a control that lets you add or remove that data series to or from the chart. You can use these controls to quickly change which data series are displayed on the chart. For example, if you only wanted to view the data for your top 3 countries, you could run the Countries report and then click the toggles next to the first 3 countries in the table.

  • To add a data series, click the eye next to its row in the table. To remove that data series, click the eye again .
Note: Eyes are not available for some breakdowns such as Date.
Example of the data series table in Ad Sense.

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