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Switch between dates and compare date ranges

You can run reports for any date range for which data exists. You can select a preset date range or choose your own custom date range, and optionally compare that date range to another.

Example of date range and compare.

Select a preset date range

To use a preset date range, select one of the following from the top of your report or in the calendar:

  • Today: Data available for the current calendar date up until the time of your selection
  • Yesterday: Data for the previous calendar date.
  • Last 7 days: Data for the previous seven days.
  • Last 30 days: Data for the previous 30 days.
  • This month: Data for the first day of the current calendar month up until the time of your selection.
  • Last month: Data for the first to last day of the previous calendar month.
  • Last three years: Data for the previous three years.
Note: Reporting data is limited to the last three years and doesn't include data from YouTube or AdMob.

Choose your own custom date range

  1. While viewing your report, click Custom Down arrow  to view the calendar.
  2. In the calendar, choose the dates you want:
    • Select one of the preset date range options on the side.
    • Drag the start and end points to highlight the dates.
    • Enter your start and end dates in the date fields.
  3. Click Apply.

Compare two date ranges

  1. While viewing your report, select the time period that you want to compare. This can be a preset or a custom date range.
  2. Click + add comparison.
  3. Choose your comparison option:
    • Previous period
    • Previous year
    • Custom
  4. If you select the 'Custom' option, enter the start and end dates you want, then click Apply.

    Data for the comparison date range is displayed in either a dashed line or a lighter shade depending on the chart type that you're using.

Note: Not all chart types support date comparison. Typically a line chart is the best chart to use when comparing date ranges. You can only compare dates over the same time range, for example, a month to a month, a year to a year, etc.

Remove a comparison

  1. While viewing your report, click the Down arrow Down arrow  of the comparison that you want to remove.
  2. Click Remove comparison.

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