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Change the time zone of your reports

You can change your account time zone to view a report in any time zone that's relevant to you. This can be helpful to prevent your weekend reports from being skewed by traffic from Fridays or Mondays. You can also view your reports in the billing time zone (i.e. Pacific time, PST).

Before you change your account time zone

Remember that when changing your time zone:

  • Account time zone changes only affect data from the time you make the change. If you change your time zone from EST to PST on 3 April, and then run a report from 1 April to 5 April, all the data in your report before 3 April will be in EST. The data after 3 April will be in the newly selected account time zone or PST.
  • Any reports that include the day you changed the account time zone might show a flat spot or spike in the data. This anomaly is caused by the time shift and does not affect your payments. You won’t have this anomaly when viewing reports in the billing time zone (PST).
  • Your existing saved and scheduled reports are automatically migrated to the new time zone. Going forward, your saved or scheduled reports will show the time zone that’s being used when they're saved.
  • Reports on your Home page are shown in your account time zone. Your payments are calculated and shown in the billing time zone (PST).

Change your account time zone

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Account and then Settings and then Account information.
  3. In the 'Account information' section, click the Down arrow Down arrow next to 'Time zone'.
  4. Select your time zone from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Save.
    Tip: Now, when reviewing your reports, you’ll have an option in your report settings to switch between your account time zone and the AdSense billing time zone, i.e. PST/PDT.

Switch between time zones in a report

  1. While viewing your report, click Settings Settings at the top of the page.
  2. Click Time zone.
  3. Choose either Account time zone or Billing time zone from the drop-down list.
Note: Some countries make annual adjustments to their official time during the summer months. If the account time zone that you selected for your account uses Daylight Savings Time, then your AdSense account statistics will adjust automatically (as they do between PST and PDT for the AdSense billing time zone).

Your account time zone will adjust back to regular time at the end of summer. The day this adjustment happens will be either 23 or 25 hours long, and you might notice a small spike or dip in your earnings.

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