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About the Policy centre

The Policy centre gives you detailed information about issues that may restrict ads from appearing on your sites, site sections or pages, as well as the steps to resolve issues with ad serving and request reviews after you've made changes.

To access the Policy centre: Sign in to your AdSense account, and click Account and then Policy centre.

In the Policy centre you can see:

  • Which of your pages or sites that we've found to have policy violations or publisher restrictions
  • Information on why your site, site section or page has enforcements
  • How to request a review of your page or site after you've addressed the policy violations or publisher restrictions.

Sites with issues

The main page of the Policy centre provides an overview of your affected sites. In the 'Sites with issues' section, you can see the following information:

  • Site: The site that has the enforcement.
  • Must fix: Whether or not you need to take action on the enforcement. This column will say 'Yes' if an enforcement is due to a policy violation.
  • Pages with issues: The number of pages on the site that have issues.
  • Site status: The status of the site with the issue; whether it has received a warning or ad serving has been limited or disabled, or if only certain pages or sections are affected.
  • Last enforcement date: The date when the last enforcement was issued.

Click and then next to a site to view more information about the issues affecting ad serving and how to fix them.

Tip: To learn more about enforcements and how to fix them, see Resolve issues in your Policy centre that may affect ad serving.
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