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Show ads in your Matched content unit

Depending on your site, you may also be able to show ads in between your Matched content recommendations. If you're eligible to show ads in your Matched content units, you can switch on the "Monetize with ads" feature when you create or edit a Matched content unit. Please note that by opting in to this feature you agree to let Google try out different ad types and ad sizes in your Matched content unit. Google will only show ads when they're likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.

Here's an example of a Matched content unit showing ads and recommendations. The ads have the "Ad" label.

Example Matched content unit with ads allowed

Additionally, you should be aware that:

  • Ads will show only when appropriate ads are available.
  • Ads will replace some of the recommendations in your Matched content unit.
  • Smaller Matched content units with only one recommendation slot will not show ads.
  • Ads will be styled to complement the look and feel of your content recommendations.
  • The AdSense program policies still apply to Matched content units with ads.
  • You can track the revenue generated by the ads in your Matched content unit by viewing the Ad units report on your Performance reports tab. Learn more
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