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AdSense for games best practices and optimization tips

The best way to optimize your AdSense earnings is to keep your account in good standing. To do that, you should ensure that your implementation complies to the general AdSense program policies, as well as the product specific policies. However, there are some simple best practices that we suggest you follow to maximize your account earnings. Specifically:

  • Use accurate metadata

    The "description_url" parameter of the ad request acts like additional crawlable HTML for contextual ad selection. The content that you provide through this parameter may have an impact on how wide the selection of ads competing in the auction is. You should include full sentences of description of the game and your service.

    A good description URL would look something like the following:

    <title>Game Attack |</title>
    <h1>Game Attack</h1>
    <p>Game Attack is a game where players must navigate through the maze in the least amount of time. There are multiple modes of play including relay mode, versus mode and time trial. Play against your friends!</p>
    <p>ExampleGamesPublisher has been in business since 2010 providing high-quality online web games to users around the world! We provide free games as well as premium, subscription-only games for users who want to earn points to spend on cool digital prizes!</p>
    <h2>Game Attack Game Tags</h2>
    <p>Users use these tags to search for games on our website:</p>
    <li>Puzzle Game</li>

    Please visit the IMA technical quick start guide for additional details on how to use it.
  • Use all ad formats

    The IMA HTML5 SDK allows you to request different types of ads. For a complete overview of the available formats please visit the AdSense for games product introductory pages. To maximize your overall revenue, we recommend that you to utilize all different ad formats including standard instream video ads, skippable video ads, and both image and text fullslot ads.

  • Set up channels to enhance reporting

    Channels enable you to view detailed reporting about the performance of specific pages and ad units. By assigning a channel to a combination of pages or ad units, you could track the performance of a leaderboard versus a banner, or compare your motorcycle pages to your automobile pages. Please visit our help center for more information about channels.

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