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How we backfill ad units with similar-sized display ads

To help increase competition for a particular ad size, we might substitute a similar-sized display ad to appear within an ad unit. When this happens, the size of the similar ad is modified if needed (using advanced imaging techniques) and then served in the ad unit.

Some important things to note about showing similar-sized ads:

  • We may modify ads to fit in ad units that are larger or smaller than the original creative.
  • Modified ads are served neatly centered at the top of the ad unit
  • Modified ads fit within the existing ad unit and won't alter the layout of your page
  • The new ad size might not necessarily match the full width or height of the ad unit.

For ad units opted in to showing display ads, these are just a few examples of the many possible similar-sized ad displays:

  • 160x600 ad is placed in a 300x600 ad slot (no ad resizing)
  • 728x90 ad is placed in a 970x90 ad slot (no ad resizing)
  • 468x60 ad is resized to 320x50 in a 320x50 ad slot
  • 336x280 ad is resized to 300x250 in a 300x250 ad slot
  • 300x250 ad is resized to 336x280 in a 336x280 ad slot
  • 728x90 ad is resized to 468x58 in a 468x60 ad slot

If you don't want your ad units to be backfilled with similar sizes, you can opt out of showing similar-sized display ads.

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