About text ad styles

Ad styles give you control over how text ads will look on your site. With ad styles, you can either use our predefined options, or create your own combinations of colors and fonts, and then apply these across the ad units and custom search engines on your site.

Predefined ad styles

The following preset ad styles are available for you to apply to your ad units and custom search engines:

  • Default
    default ad style

    A solid pleasing blue for the clickable headline and an understated gray URL. This a good all-purpose default ad style.

  • Minimalist
    minimalist ad style

    A minimalistic color for straightforward information display. Great for when you don't want ads to look like ads.

  • Splash of color
    splash of color ad style

    A monochromatic ad style that uses the URL to add a splash of color.

  • Prestige
    prestige ad style

    An uncompromising high-contrast reversed ad style that's great for backgrounds and/or prestige luxury brands.

  • Colorful
    colorful ad style

    This ad style is bold, bright and full of contrast.

  • Dark blue reverse
    dark blue reverse ad style

    This dark blue is very popular with AdSense publishers and on the Web.

  • Notepad
    notepad ad style

    Think sticky notes and yellow notepads. For when you want ads to feel like a reminder.

  • Neon
    neon ad style

    Neon blacklights for those with more atmospheric or funky sites.

Custom ad styles

Custom ad styles are ad styles that you create yourself. Learn how to create your own ad styles.

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