The different sorts of ad placements to create

Though only you can decide how best to divide up your site inventory so it will most appeal to advertisers, we have a few suggestions:

  • Create a hierarchy of your entire site inventory. First, break it out into the most prominent, logical categories. For example, start with different sections of your site such as Sports and Forums. Then, subdivide it depending on page location or ad format. This will be helpful for tracking purposes as well as advertiser targeting.
  • Because you can track each ad unit using up to five different custom channels, any ad unit can also be part of five different ad placements defined by you. Take advantage of this by assigning multiple placements to one ad unit.
  • Segment out your most valuable inventory. By creating placements for the more visible locations on your site, such as homepage or top of page, you can increase competition for your higher-value spaces.
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