Contracting entity is Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.


As a publisher based in Singapore, you may be registered for Singapore Goods and Services Tax (GST) purposes. Accordingly, you may need to charge Google GST in respect of the services provided. If you are required to send an invoice for your GST remittance, please follow the steps below. Make sure that you include ALL the required information , or we won't be able to accept your invoice.

Required information

Step 1

Provide your information through our Partner Enrolment form, taking note of the fields highlighted below:

  • Partner information: please include your GST registration number
  • Requester information: please enter requester name and phone number as 'AdSense GAP Payments' and requester email as
  • Supplier bank information: Please complete the International Bank requirements section including your account number, bank number, branch number and SWIFT/BIC details
Step 2

Your invoice must contain all the details listed below:

  • The date on which the invoice was issued
  • An invoice number
  • Your GST identification number
  • Google Asia Pacific GST number 200817984R
  • The payee name and address as shown in your AdSense account
  • Google Asia Pacific full name and address:
    Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
    8 Marina View
    Asia Square 1 #30-01
    Singapore 018960
  • A description of the services provided by the AdSense publisher (for example: "Internet advertising services")
  • Payment date (this is the period for which the earnings were accrued or the date on which the payment was issued)
  • The taxable amount (this is the payment amount)
  • The current GST rate in Singapore
  • The GST amount payable (the exact amount as determined by the GST%)
  • Net payable (always equal to the GST chargeable of the amount paid)
  • After you’ve included all the necessary information, you can send your invoice to this address for processing:
    Once we receive your complete GST remittance invoice, we’ll review and process it. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the invoice processing.

In accordance with the terms of your agreement with Google, the payments made by Google for your services provided are final and will be considered to be inclusive of all applicable taxes, if any.

However, if your local government requires that you send supplementary tax information or a tax invoice, you may send it to the address below. Please be aware that we do not process all forms or invoices.

Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
8 Marina View
Asia Square 1 #30-01
Singapore 018960

For your reference, our GST number is 200817984R.

As Google is unable to advise you on tax matters, please speak to your local tax advisors if you have further questions about your domestic tax obligations.

Please make sure that you choose the correct contracting entity for your account. How do I find my contracting entity?
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