Content policies

Using the "site:" search operator to find violations

The basics

Finding content on your own site is easy with Google Search. By using the "site:" search operator in your query you are instructing Google to return search results only from your own site. You can use this feature to find content that may be in violation of the AdSense policies by following these few steps:

  1. Open Google Search
  2. Copy the following query into the Google Search field and click on the Google Search button:
    • Don’t forget to change ‘’ to your own domain name
  3. To expand your search it’s advisable to make sure ‘filter explicit results’ is not checked in SafeSearch. You can find the SafeSearch settings in the top right corner of your search results page.

    Refining your query

  4. To help find pages that might be violating the AdSense program policies, try adding keywords to your original query. For example:
    • To find adult violations, try using queries like:
      • sex
      • erotic
      • escort
    • To find copyright violations (such as illegal file-sharing):
      • dvdrip
      • streaming
      • watch free
    • Sale of prohibited and illegal content:
      • tobacco
      • rifle
      • heroin
    • Gambling:
      • poker
      • blackjack
      • texas hold'em
  5. You can also use Google Image Search to view pictures that correspond to your query. This is particularly useful for violations that are more graphic in nature such as adult content. After experimenting with the above examples, simply click on the Images link below the search box to see images returned by your query

For more information about the program’s prohibited content and to get more inspiration for your queries, please take a look at our content policies.

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