請務必前往您的 AdSense 頁面,查看帳戶的相關個人化資訊,運用 AdSense 順利達成目標。

你要瀏覽的網頁目前並未提供你慣用的語言版本。你可以在頁面底部選取其他語言版本,或使用 Google Chrome 內建的翻譯功能,將網頁內容即時翻譯成所選的語言。

Custom channel

Custom channels are like folders that let you group individual ad units as you'd like and get performance statistics for the group as a whole. For example, custom channels will allow you to track how the ads across just your homepage are doing, or see how well your top-right 300x250 on your Sports section performs. Custom channels can provide you with the data you'll need to understand which layouts work the best on your site and which can be improved.


您的 AdSense 頁面

「AdSense 頁面」隆重登場:透過這項全新資源,您可以在帳戶中找到個人化資訊和新商機,運用 AdSense 順利達成目標。

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