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User experience guidelines

3. Ensure that users know what action to take on your site

Keep these user experience principles in mind when optimizing your site

Users should always know what action to take next on your site. When a user lands on your page it should be very clear what they should pay attention to first, second, and so on. There should also be a clear next action for them to take whether it's clicking “buy” to make a purchase or reading a related article.

Consider these points when creating meaningful calls to action:
  • Emphasis: Give emphasis to the call to action by its size, color, contrast and/or use of white space.
  • Simple: Don’t clutter your page with too many different actions. Really think about what you want your users to do and prioritize those actions in your design.
  • Incentive: Give an incentive to take action. This can be seen in discounts, gifts, raffle entry or access to more content
  • Proximity: Make sure your call to action is in a logical placement on the page. For example, if the page features an article, you may want to put the call to action below the article.
  • Consistency: Have your call to action show throughout the site and keep its appearance consistent.
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