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Types of emails sent by AdSense

Which type of emails from AdSense can I choose to receive?

In addition to mandatory service announcements, you can choose to receive occasional emails and regular newsletters from AdSense. To make the most of your account, we encourage you to update your email preferences to receive these additional emails.

We've provided an overview of the kinds of email that we offer below. We'll send these emails to the contact email address that you've specified in your AdSense account.

  • AdSense Publisher Policy Report

    AdSense Publisher Policy Report emails cover any page-level enforcements that you've received over the last seven days as well as the status of any reviews that you've requested for your pages in the last seven days.

    Frequency: Daily, but only if you have page-level enforcements or reviews in progress

  • Customised help and performance suggestions

    To help you earn more from your site, our optimisation specialists send personalised tips with specific examples of changes that you can make to your ad implementations. We'll only contact you if we expect you to see a significant benefit from making the recommended change.

    Frequency: about twice every few months, when opportunities arise

  • Periodic newsletters with tips and best practices

    Our AdSense newsletters feature optimisation tips, best practices and other information to help you get the most out of your Google AdSense account. We’ll update you about new products and features, invitations to events and local news, as well as information about our programme policies.

    Frequency: eight times a year

  • Occasional surveys to help Google improve AdSense

    Emails in this category include invitations to test new features or to share feedback about your experiences with us. You might also receive surveys about Google AdSense, such as our Publisher Satisfaction survey.

    Frequency: about twice a year

  • Special offers

    These emails can include invitations to our Google Publishers on Air events and webinars, as well as news about AdSense promotions or giveaways.

    Frequency: about once every few months

  • Information about other Google products and services which might be of interest to you

    We’ll send you relevant news and special offers from other Google products such as Google Ads or Search Console. You might also receive tips around using Google Ad Manager.

    Frequency: About once or twice every few months

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