AdSense for video (AFV)

AdSense for video/games setup guidelines

This document outlines the process of integrating the Google IMA SDK with your Flash player/game. We encourage you to thoroughly review all steps before you begin working on your implementation.

Here are the steps for using the SDK:
  1. Confirm your eligibility.
  2. Read the Adsense for video and games specific policies.
  3. Integrate the IMA SDK into your application.
  4. Submit your implementation for review.
  5. Launch your implementation.

Confirm your eligibility

Make sure you read all the requirements in the AdSense for video/games introductory page.
You must be an AdSense publisher to use the IMA SDK. If you don't have an AdSense account, you will need to sign up.

Read the AdSense for video and games specific policies

Make sure you have read and understand the AdSense for Interactive Media Ads (IMA) policy.

Integrate the IMA SDK into your application

The Google IMA Flash SDK is all you need to display AdSense ads (such as AdSense for video and games). You can find additional details on how to use it in the technical quick start guide.

Submit your implementation for review

Before deploying your IMA SDK integration, you must submit a test page for review. Fill out the integration review request form to complete this process.
After approval, you'll be issued a publisher ID that you can use to request live ads and you'll be ready to start earning revenue through your interactive media content.

Launch your implementation

Deploy your IMA SDK integration to your website. Be sure to use your live publisher ID and remove all instances of the adTest parameter to ensure that your integration operates properly.