My channel reports show more data than my aggregate reports

When you're viewing channel reports, you might be viewing some impressions and clicks that have been tracked on multiple channels. Depending on how you've set up your URL and custom channels, this can happen for any or all of the following reasons:

  • Your ads are being tracked on multiple URL channels.
    Impressions and clicks on a URL channel for or will also be tracked on a URL channel for If you receive one click on, it will also be recorded in your URL channel -- this means you'll see two clicks recorded in your channel reports, but only one in your aggregate report. Read about creating URL channels for more information on tracking subpages and subdomains.
  • Your ads are being tracked on both a URL and a custom channel.
    If you're using custom channels on a page that is being tracked by a URL channel, your data can be duplicated. When you receive one click on an ad unit tagged with your custom channel, a click will also be recorded in your URL channel for that page.
  • Your ads are being tracked on multiple custom channels.
    If you've assigned more than one custom channel to an ad unit, clicks and impressions from that ad unit will be recorded for each of the custom channels.

To view the overall performance of your account: click Reports, then choose the Entire account by day report. This will include all clicks, page impressions and earnings from your account with no duplication of data.

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