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Third-party ads

Allow or block an ad or advertiser from a Google certified network

Ad networks serve multiple advertisers' ads from a single tag. As a result:

  • If you allow or block an ad or advertiser from a Google certified ad network, a large number of that ad network's ads might also be allowed or blocked.
  • If you use category blocking, all Google certified ad network tags that include ads from the blocked category will be blocked.
  • If you block ads by URL, all Google certified agency or ad network tags with URLs that you're blocking will be blocked.

Note: When you block ads or advertisers from an ad network, competition for your ad inventory is reduced, and you may miss out on additional revenue.

Because ad networks serve multiple ads and advertisers from a single ad tag, not all ads that could serve on your site may be visible in the Ad review center. Instead, you can view sample third party ads from sample advertisers.

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