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Limited ad serving vs limited ads

There are a few places in your account where you may come across 'limited ad serving' or 'limited ads'. Though they sound similar, these affect you differently: one limits the number of ads served on your sites or apps, whereas the other limits what data can be used to serve ads. This article describes the differences between these two terms.

Limited ad serving

Google may sometimes place a limit on the number of ads your account can show. This might be a temporary ad serving limit while we get to know you and evaluate your traffic quality, or it might be because we've identified invalid traffic concerns in your account.

You’ll be notified in the Policy centre of your account if your ad serving has been limited. You’ll see an ad serving status of 'limited ad serving'.

Tip: If your ad serving has been limited, you can learn more about what it means and what you can do. To better understand what may have caused the ad serving limit, visit our guide for ad serving limits.

Limited ads

Limited ads (LTD) allow you to serve ads in a limited way. Limited ads disable the collection, sharing and use of personal data for personalisation of ads. Learn more about limited ads.

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